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Thanks to new client wins straight off the New Year bat - we are now looking to add another flash guru to our team. Flash gaming experience will be the order of the day, so will a collaborative mindset - passion for excellence and an excellent knowledge ActionScript 3.If this sounds like you and you are in and around the Edinburgh Area then get in touch...

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  1. Stevo says:


    I am Stevo Jokic. I am applying for the flash programmer position.

    I have expert knowledge of writing code in AS2, AS3, migrating AS2 to AS3 and vice versa, and experience working in Papervision and Away3d. I have 6 years overall programming experience with last three years focusing on Flash. I am fluent in XML, HTML and CSS. I could, if necessary, program something out in Javascript or PHP but those are not my strong points, i have not used them very much.

    I posses advanced knowledge of procedural and OOP programming in Flash, with recursive code, searching algorithms and MVC pattern programming capabilities, among others. I've worked with Flash long enough to know most of its ins and outs.

    Apart from these languages, in past I also programmed in C, C++ and C#, and before Flash I also worked with Java for about two years or so learning to program. I've spent the last three years programming in Flash almost every day, one and a half years working for my American employer as his main programmer. I am mentioning these other languages to show that i am an experienced programmer.

    I am fluent in English, possessing passive knowledge of it. Between other skills I would like to point out my familiarity with Photoshop and 3DS max, but, I would like to stress that I am not a graphics designer, I am pointing out that I can handle .psd and .3ds files if necessary for Papervision3d or Away3d programming.
    Looking forward to your response.