jQuery youtube playlist plugin - youtubeplaylist

For a recent client project, we wanted to be able to turn a list of YouTube links into a playlist.  This would allow the client to manage their videos on YouTube and simply insert links to the videos on their site.  With javascript enabled a nice playlist is created, whilst without javasript the user gets a regular list of links to youtube pages.

Demo showing the plugin with default options.

Demo showing the plugin set up to act like a gallery of YouTube videos.

Using the plugin

The plugin acts on a simple unordered list containing links to YouTube videos, e.g.

$(function() {

Plugin options

Option  - (default)

holderId - (ytvideo)
The ID of the element (usually a div) into which the YouTube video will be inserted

playerHeight - (300)
The height of the embdedded youtube video

playerWidth - (450)
The width of the embdedded youtube video

addThumbs - (false)
Use true to add video thumbnails to each list item

thumbSize - (small)
Size of added thumbnails.  Default is small, use large for larger thumbnails

showInline - (false)
If this option is true, the list item containing the link will be replaced with the YouTube video.  See thegallery demo for an example of this.

autoPlay - (false)
true or false, whether or not to autoplay videos

showRelated - (true)
Set to false to stop related videos being shown at the end of the embedded video


Download the source and demos from github

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